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Blackhat Award for blackhat field
RAT Crew
RAT Crew - Sharing HQ tutorial related to RAT. Help others members solve problem in RAT
Total awarded: 2
Web Pentester
Expert in web pentester
Total awarded: 9
For DFM member who leaks any valuable things
Total awarded: 0
Worm Expert
Very skilfull member in worm spreading technique, evasion and etc
Total awarded: 1
RAT Expert
Very skilfull member in RATting. Bypass AV, Evasion, technique and tricks. Limited!
Total awarded: 1
Wifi Expert
For Wifi expert - Sharing tricks, tips and tools to make people own the wifi password.
Total awarded: 3
WhiteHat Whitehat Field
Whitehat Crew - Sharing tips to prevent from being hacked, analyze file shared by DFM members
Total awarded: 3
Whitehat Consultant
Very special award only for the trusted and skilful in whitehat field. Sharing tips and tutorial.
Total awarded: 2
Technology Technology, news
Linux Master
Linux Master - Share linux tutorial and teach others.
Total awarded: 7
General General things
DFM Support Crew
Help and trobleshoot problem
Total awarded: 4
This award for DFM DJ radio
Total awarded: 11
DFM Official
Sub Moderator
Help DFM staf to monitor all members. Issue warning if something bad happen
Total awarded: 4
Dev Crew
Develop system/tools for DFM.
Total awarded: 1
All video brings DFM flags.
Total awarded: 1
GFX Team
This award as a token of appreciation to the people who are willing to contribute the time, skill to our forum.
Total awarded: 13
VIP Member
This award is a honor for member who have donate to forum
Total awarded: 1
Section leader.
Total awarded: 9
DFM Award
Award untuk peminat setia DFM
Total awarded: 49
Event Winner
Award khas kepada pemenang sesuatu event forum.
Total awarded: 14
Event Raya
Award ini diwujudkan khas kepada peserta yang mengambil bahagian dalam apa-apa pertandingan atau event hari raya
Total awarded: 10
Merdeka Event
Event Merdeka
Total awarded: 6
Akademi PARC Seksyen PARC telah diwujudkan sebagai medium perkongsian ilmu antara tenaga pengajar PARC, pelajar dan netizen DFM
PARC Linux
Award PARC Linux
Total awarded: 11
PARC Database
Award PARC Database
Total awarded: 0
PARC Networking
Award PARC Networking
Total awarded: 0
PARC Programming
Award PARC Programming
Total awarded: 0
PARC Programming & Database
Award PARC Programming & Database
Total awarded: 0